Produce a film with a purpose. In 48 hours.

Beginning March 26, 2015

Redeeming Films

The focus of Captiv8 Film Festival is to provide you with a creative opportunity to make a film that honors Jesus. The film can be about whatever you want, but to keep it fair, on the first day of the festival you'll get the prop, line of dialog, and character name you have to use.

Friends Across the Country

Captiv8 is open to all students at Assemblies of God colleges and universities. Meet new friends from around the country as you show your stuff and produce a finished film in just two days. Then, at the live broadcast of the awards show, you'll get to see what everyone did.

More Than Just Fun

What if your film could be seen by hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands of people? Ministries around the world are starving for quality content. Consider letting God use your creativity to help others hear the gospel.

The excitement has begun.